Music is a language we can all relate to... matter what form it comes in, it speaks to everyone.

Music with Wren is a place where everyone is welcome to experience the joy of learning music.

Singing, flute and music theory lessons are offered for all abilities and ages in a comfortable, relaxed surrounding with an experienced registered teacher who loves to add a dash of fun into lessons. Nobody leaves without a smile on their face and a tune in their heart!

A little bit about me:

At the age of ten, after begging her parents for a clarinet for years, Renay (Wren) was finally given... a flute.
It was the beginning of an unexpected but lifelong love of music. Living in Southwest Queensland meant eight-hour round trips to Toowoomba for flute lessons every weekend. Percussion and bassoon were quickly added to the list of instruments Renay would play and she went on to win her first singing competition aged fifteen. Shortly after, Renay was named Percussionist Of The Year and received the Stan Wonders Memorial Trophy for the Maranoa.

Renay was also a member of the Queensland Youth Orchestra Percussion Ensemble, the Queensland Youth Orchestra and of
"Forward Motion" who were third place winners of the Australian Flute Ensemble Competition in 2003.

A soloist for the Queensland Accordion Orchestra, she was also flautist with the Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra and in 2005, performed with the De Havilland Orchestra in Hatfield UK.

Renay studied flute under the expert tutelage of Dr Karen Lonsdale and also Simo Haanterra at the Queensland Conservatorium.
She has also attended masterclass workshops with Michael Cox, Paul Edmund-Davies and Jane Rutter.

During an extended trip to the UK, Renay worked as 'Flute Specialist' at John Myatt Woodwind and Brass and then as 'Sheet Music Department Manager' at All Flutes Plus, London. At this time, Renay became the drummer and backing vocals in an emerging band signed to a well known artist agency.

Through her work, she has been privileged to meet flautists including Sir James Galway, William Bennett, Ian Clarke and Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) as well as attending and working at Flute Conventions in Melbourne, York and Manchester and spending time with David Farley, Technical Manager at Trevor James in Kent, UK. Renay is currently a sessional percussionist with the Northern Rivers Symphony Orchestra and private soloist.

With a Bachelor of Music from the Australian Guild of Music Education, Wren is now also a Registered Teacher.

Singing Lessons

Have you always wanted to sing?
Are you already a singer wanting to brush up on technique?
Do you want to feel confident to sing in places other than the shower?
Singing is one of the most personal things we can do. It is the expression of ourselves using our very own instrument. It is something that can be difficult to do in front of others and for this reason, I specialise in lessons that enable the student to find the confidence to sing not just for themselves, but within groups and as soloists. Popular, classical, jazz or musical theatre are all covered. There’s also the option to train for exams. Experience the joy of finding your voice!


Flute Lessons

Music With Wren specialises in tailoring lessons to suit each individual from the complete beginner to the more advanced player. With an emphasis on the enjoyment of music, you can choose to take your learning at a leisurely pace or perhaps a more technical exam based style is for you.

Learn the right way from a qualified and experienced teacher, including technique, posture and hand positioning, to reduce the risk of long term effects.
I can assist with all aspects of performance training and musical health.

Music Theory

Music theory lessons teach the language of music. It is here that we learn the rules and concepts of music and how and where to apply them. Theory lessons at Music With Wren start at Preliminary through to Grade 8.

For students wishing to take exams in flute or singing, Theory Lessons will become an essential practice and certain Theory exam grades will need to be obtained in order to sit Practical exams. If you’re interested in learning how to “speak” music, contact me today to find out more.

Performance Management

I offer guidance and ways in which to help control nerves, helping you overcome distractions, aiming for the best possible outcome.

Specialising in preparation for auditions, exams and stage performances, I can walk you through the planning, execution and evaluation phases with open and transparent communication.



"I take singing lessons with Renay and she's amazing; I am learning every aspect of singing and always have fun in every lesson. I couldn't recommend her enough for any age to go and learn in a fun, comfortable environment!"
Reanna, Vocal Student
"I just wanted to congratulate you on the beautiful job you did. It was so lovely to see all the kids up there playing their songs and singing and performing and watching all the proud mums and dads. I watched my daughter's face light up when you spoke to her and that just warmed my heart. She said to me when she got in the car "I just love my music lessons!"
Thank you Wren, you are changing lives!"
Shellie, Parent
"Ever since my childhood I've always wanted to learn how to sing - properly - so I decided to treat myself to singing lessons with Renay. What I have learnt from Renay has given me so much enjoyment and I look forward to our weekly lessons. Renay makes me feel so comfortable and she has given me a confidence boost. No matter how old or young you are, I highly recommend Renay - she has the passion and skill to take you to whatever level you desire with your music and singing."
Karla, Vocal Student

Contact Me


I’m an experienced online teacher and online lessons are available.

Please get in touch if you’re looking for online singing lessons!